Today was all about Daddies. We said strange things. I’d put them all here, but that’s just much too good for children.

It started with girls with sweet hearts, strange boys, and tight pants. The man- Bone Avenger- wore a three piece suit and a royal purple tie. He was a father of a sort; a doctor-father who specialized in patients who were sure they were the child of a man, a Bone, who had little for them as a father should.

“Daddy,” they’d say to Bone Avenger, “Daddy the good doctor, where are my baby carrots?”

“Look son, help me finish this up quick- you’re seventy four. You cannot eat baby carrots without sitting at this chair behind the desk and in front of it. And remove your restraints, you aren’t hostile if you’re sane!”

They’d never get this hint, and thrash and storm under daddy’s scorn.

“Justin-Justin- YAY!”

“Bleed the bloody heart out- scrape the headboard increase the medicine- be my daddy!”

And so Bone Avenger played along. He played the father his patients never had, keeping things leak free to keep them tight. Gotta keep it tight.

“Your baby carrots are with Margret, dear. I didn’t touch your carrots. For I am Bone Avenger- father to you all.”

But the stove fell on Alice.

And though you can’t be 20 on sugar mountain,

though she’d never give birth for him-

Daddy loved her all along.


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