“Why do you cut the leaves like that,” her daughter asked, ” Doesn’t that hurt the tree?”

Bethanie smiled down at her, “Nah, it’s like clipping your fingernails, love. The tree feels nothing. I cut them because they aren’t healthy- they’ll only make life harder for the plant.”

“So if you don’t cut them it’ll get sick?”

“Something like that,” she laughed, “Ooh, look- see that? That is where the next flower will grow, so I’ll cut these leaves and soon we will see a pretty flower!”


“How do you know?”

“I look at the bud, and make sure that the plant can reach its dreams of having a flower bloom by taking away the things holding it back.”

“Is that why we don’t see daddy anymore?”

Snip. Snip.

“Yeah, daddy was being a bad leaf that blocked our flowers from the sun. You gotta cut out the bad leaves, remember?”


“I miss daddy.”

“I know you do sweetie- I do too sometimes- but now that he’s gone he’ll always be here with us, helping us grow, fertilizing our future.”

She cut more leaves and grabbed some dirt from the compost bucket. She closed it and heard a thump on the floor. She reached down for it, opened the bucket again, and tucked Deshawn’s finger back under a bit of dirt.

Can’t have anyone seeing that now, can we? It’d be bad for business.


I can’t always write Scifi, ya know.


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