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The Gnome’s Escape

Greegle thumped down the path into the Shoe String Inn and slammed the door behind him. After catching his breath, he stepped past the hearth to the receptionist and rang the bell. A nose as long as Greegle’s hat poked out just beyond equally long ears from behind the counter.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.” He said to the creature.

“Hows may I helps you sir?” Said the goblin.

“I’m in need of a private room where no one could find me,” Greegle said, “but where I could still find myself.”

The goblin squinted his large green eyes, tapped at a few files and said “Very wells- ah heres one- thats will cost you a toe per nights, so a gusset a weeks. And how longs will the little folks be stayings?”

“I’ll take it for two nights and seven meals.”

“Our pleasures. Estimates a foot and a cuff in totals on departures. Here’s your key and map, follows it off near the backs.”

Greegle did as instructed and hobbled off. Weary about the company he kept here, he felt safe so long as he kept his wits about him (he always kept a few in his front pocket). He found his way near the back, a place of depravity for a gnome, he knew it was an honor to be this far out for a goblin. They would probably try to steal from him- but no goblin wants what Greegle has, no matter how priceless.

He unlocked the door to his room and stepped in. He checked the room for morgulls and the bed for dust bunnies. For a goblin inn, the place was quite clean- though someone did leave their dirty towel in the coffeemaker- he was satisfied with the price.

After some time spent looking around, he unfastened his paper clip rapier and made his way to the bed and laid on it, back propped against the wall. He took off his hat and sighed. He did it! The most priceless artifact of known gnomedom was his. He reached into the hat under its pocket and felt the familiar cottony feel of fine underwear.

He took it out and marveled as it sparkled in the light. Weaved with gold thread, the king’s royal panties were said to bring adventure and fortune to those with enough wits to steal them. The wealth of a thousand kingdoms was woven into this, he thought, the finest pair of drawers he’d ever seen. And before long, under the glistening of the golden panties, Greegle the gnome drifted off to sleep.



I’ve always been a closet Fantasy fan. I say closet because I think of Fantasy as escapism and Sci-Fi as practical predictionism. By that I mean that fantasy provides us with an alternative to our lives while Sci-Fi’s main purpose (to me) is to inspire scientists and engineers to solve modern problems. Of course in reality the two genres can do both of these things- I myself have gained plenty of inspiration from the lessons of Fantasy readings and spent more time than I’d care to admit lost in an interesting Sci-Fi setting.

I’m curious what you think. Did I hit the mark? Should I stick to Futurism and Sci-Fi? Let me know!




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I personally have always struggled to enjoy fantasy as a genre, but… I liked this, it painted a vivid image in my mind and made me laugh. I especially liked Greeble’s wry sense of humour – “I did not see you there” after noticing the huge nose and ears.

Thanks for taking the time to read it- glad you enjoyed the character. I wasn’t too sure about the strength of the narrative but if it resonated with anyone I consider it a job well done!

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