Bradley poked the tablet and began his log.

“The time is 13:42 on day 237 of Dragon Solo. It’s weird to say this, but it really has taken me until now to get comfortable being alone here. The movies, time table, and audio books helped a bit- but after so many days I guess you just get used to the emptiness.

“That said after 237 days what much is there to say? I’m still in space, I’m still breathing. Plants are doing fine as they were yesterday. Oh! Oh wait something did change. I’m pretty fascinated by the adaptability of our algae- they’ve formed a protective coating from the silicone we have in their dishes. It took me a while to notice the degradation, but it came upon me this morning. I assume it’s due to radiation exposure, but they seem to have mutated under the pressure and the silicone shell they’ve created refracts the incoming rays just enough to protect the algae from further damage. I’ll be sure to grab some samples for better imaging once I’m back on Earth.

“I guess that’s all for now- it’s not like today is going to get more interesting.”

Bradley’s smile faded. He leaned back and kicked off the wall, sending him down the hallway. When he reached the end he somersaulted, kicked again, and floated through a hatch. He passed the floating soil where the plants he kept used to be, and grabbed a handful of it. It was fertilized with his own waste, and felt warm to the touch.

He continued on as he ate the soil, passing the green sludge squeezed between a monitor screen and the wall. Crazy little buggers, he thought, just how did you make that shell? It’s keeping you nice and tight here up in the big old black. What wonders evolution can bring.

At last he came to his sanctuary, where in his shrine the white gave way to the darkness of his own body. He settled into a meditative pose, floating there he stared at his new god. The dark one, with yellow eyes, its head connected by tendon-like teeth. It watched over him and protected him, demanding his sacrifices of filth and blood.

I am only a humble servant, I come from the lowest depths of being. I ask of you oh, holy one to guide me into oblivion. And the image stared at him, ever guiding him to his eternal soul.



I dunno, It’s dark in my office when I write. Stay sane, my friends.



12 thoughts on “Wraith

  1. You’re welcome. I appreciate the inexplicable journey it unexpectedly took me on! I wasn’t sure exactly what happened in the shrine but as you say, it is dark where you write, and that was explanation enough.

    1. That’s the problem with flash fiction: the idea is either never completely there, or worse, it’s incompletely presented. I’m glad it resonated for you- speaking of that- I like your work. If you’re interested I’d love to do a feature of you in the future!

      1. I like it how flash fiction leaves room for your mind to wander…
        So humbled to hear you like my work. Not sure what a feature would entail but sounds fun, and am flattered you would think about doing it.

      2. In a feature I read your work and then do a review of it talking about its better aspects. I then post a portion of it with links to everything that has to do with you. I also talk about who you are as a writer from what you give me.

        It’s free and if you have books I tend to buy them out right and read them before featuring. All I ask is that you share the work and relevant images with me.

        I used to do them weekly, but took a hiatus in January and have been looking for a good set of writers to start it back up again.

        If you’re more adventurous I am starting a podcast with several writers in my area in April where we do a cafe style critique. There is a drop down menu for what type of feature you were thinking in the link below.

        If you know anyone who’d be interested send them to

        Just to reiterate, this is just me sharing your work and not asking for money from it or taking credit for it. A good example of a feature I’ve done before is this one:

      3. Wow, the features you do are incredible, a gift to the writer – I really like your style and approach! I would be happy and honored to be featured, but fear I am not enough of a writer to warrant it – it would be a short feature! Curious about the podcast too.

        Will have a proper look through your blog later, for now I’m off to work. Thanks so much for your appreciation of my work. I really like yours too.

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