Don’t say I didn’t warn you- much of what is said in the writers cafe is not meant to be compiled into a narrative.

So this guy Godric was trying to take over this city, he had fawns, whores, and minotaurs helping him out- as you do. I want you to imagine humans, minotaurs, fawns, and dwarves fighting each other in the Thedusan javelin party- the tactic used by the what’s-a- who to invade the scoozywhats.  Sedric Diggogery, his geriatric ex, was there too. Godric quickly cut him down- hacking at his collarbone while Brontus, Godric’s minotaur bodyguard, stood close-by bellowing as he fought. Combined with the sound of death and arrows, it sounded like the whole world was breaking. He’s got a sion. That’s like an Irish long knife thing (I went to Ireland, in case you didn’t know.)

“how are ya my favorite employee?” Godric said

“Ohh I’m in love!” Brontus hacked a centaur in half with his horn.

“Keep it up and you and your family will make it far in here bull-boy!.”

“That’s why I’m going away, You’ll have to take care of the family now.”

“Ohhkay, you’re my favorite child.”

“Have a great day my boy! Everything is red. There’s paint in my eyes.”

God you bull faces are crazy Godric thought, and stabbed a little man in checkered mail. I have a little prince, and he’s tugging on my sleeve, he is simply devoid of purpose and yet you are more Teacher’s child than mine. Tell me what you said, Spell it! He asked me… to marry him. Blood spattered across his face. Brontus was gone. The reek of loneliness filled him- my little prince, Brontus the guard of my body- the more prosperous meat halls decorated with mammoth heads and tusks.

Sopping wet sheets of paper fell through the air like a psychiatric ward, all white. They left him with a vacant heart and a man’s despair. Sour tasting insects crawled about as the dead groaned. A man bleeding out looked up to him.

“Good charges today my lord.”

“Yeah the second one wanted me to blow like Mt. St. Helens and it’s like…”

He pulled the man forward, and smashed his helm into his nose. His head blew to bits.

This is it chief.

I found this on the internet so it’s not mine.


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