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Writer’s Cafe 12019/03/08

Here at the writer’s cafe we talk about some interesting things. When you put those things together you find something you’re ashamed of. Let’s be ashamed of things together. These tend to be NSFW so hide yo kids.

There are times when conversations need to be had. Is there really a problem with incest? Why call it kissing cousins when that’s not all they’re doing? Could hormonal students have a shit day and just take out a Stewarts?

We ask these questions because life is an odd thing- our best friends die from brain injuries, and drunk truck drivers beat the shit out of sixth graders. We are all a part of a world as full of atrocities as it is one filled with beauty.

And why does everyone where you live die? Is it because you touch yourself at night? No. You aren’t that special; it’s because I touch myself at night that everyone where you live dies.

I feel mixed reactions about these things.

It’s not that I have feelings about them- shallowness is the definition of perfection, something I am… not. But I certainly have reactions. Like a racist being so PC that they say “get out of my town you N-word!” Hiding your racism doesn’t make you inherently clean as a whistle- no you’re just as spit filled and disgusting.

Life is not exactly an easy thing to define. We wake up and shuffle around, do one thing- likely the same thing over and over. Sometimes we fart out loud in public and other times we find bellybutton lint and pull it out- and why is it always navy blue no matter what you wear? Because it’s spring break and I’ll see you in two weeks.

Cheers! And enjoy your coffee.

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