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Electric Fence

He hopped the fence and bolted across the yard. The sirens behind him blared into his ears. The next fence was deceptively low, such that as he hopped it he caught his leg on the wire and felt the all too familiar electric shock when he hit the ground. Dazed, he looked up as the police drone which now hovered over him with its taser armed.

Stay on the ground. You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent- anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.

“Remote- controlled bastards!” He yelled through gritted teeth.

The drone sprouted spider-like legs which it used to detain the boy. He winced as it cuffed him and placed him in a seat. After it strapped him down it launched into the air and administered him a sedative. The last thing he remembered was the fence slowly drifting away below with his bag left behind.

He woke in a cell wearing an invisible fence collar. He knew the drill and stayed as far from the opening as possible. The collar was far worse than any electric fence or even a taser. As you approached the edge you began to feel dizzy, but once you crossed the threshold you’d be on the deep end of the worse shroom trip of your life, where maggots chew at you beneath your skin and humans became sick monsters. Experiencing the drug once was enough to teach prisoners to stay their course. He’d heard horror stories of COs manually pushing the line back in cells and torturing inmates to death. His own mother had voted for this. It was disgusting.

He sat up and noticed a familiar face walking in. “Are you out of your goddamn mind, Jim? How many times do I have to bail you out of this damn place before you get it through your head that your mother is the governor of this state? You think they’re going to just let you get away with anything just because you’re the governor’s kid? What the hell do you want, Jim- What the hell do you want from us?”

Jim stared at the floor as his father berated him. It was obvious what he wanted. Why couldn’t the man see that? Why is it that parents forget that their kids are alive too, that they have feelings and needs? This is why we’ve come this far. Hope you’re happy mom, because if you want to ruin my life, I’ll give it right back at ya ten fold.

And then he looked up at his father. He slowly got up and walked towards the man. His brain began to feel fuzzy. The walls began to bend. His father backed away from him. There was a sweet spot, you see, Just when everyone else became a monster the drug hit you like a mad rage. Jim stepped forward to find it. His father’s face turned green, his teeth grew to the size of fingers and his eyes glowed despite being pure black holes in his disgusting face. Jim found it.

“You know dad,” He said, “I don’t think you look so different as a monster. Too bad we have to kill our monsters, isn’t it?”

And then Jim Lunged.


Thanks for reading! I wrote this story imagining a kid painting graffiti who gets caught when a police drone creeps by, and things turned out quite a bit different. Either way, I hope you liked it! Stay tuned for stories every Monday and Tuesday!




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