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In the silence of space it approached the third planet. The dominant native intelligence had at this point infested three worlds within the system, but only inhabited one. They had all but destroyed their own ecosystem, all but ensured their own destruction despite the obvious reality. This and more it learned through the years on the outskirts of the solar system. It looked carefully from orbit through an artificial eye at the tiny blue world. It wanted to find something.

Once it found what it was looking for, it ejected a small piece of itself. That piece then hurtled towards the planet at immense speeds.

Lesedi sat writing in her cell. She had found, through her calculations which she kept from the Chinese, that the Slipstream is a point to point communication system. Theoretically it was able to form a network by the communication of specific nodes as if they were both points of entry and gates to other nodes- a galactic internet. The question she couldn’t comprehend is how was it that Earth was a node? Was the slipstream attracted to receivers naturally? Had someone placed something here to transfer the messages?
There was a loud bang. Guards ran by speaking rapidly in their native dialects. She gathered her work and hid it in the usual place on her person. She held some other works close to her as another set of guards stopped and opened her cell door. One was about to say something when a gunshot took him out. The accompanying guard didn’t have the time to respond, he was down in an ear piercing moment of violence. She stepped forward, seeing two masked men approach dressed head to toe in black. One seized her by the arm while the other gathered some of the work she had left behind. He turned and nodded to the other when he seemed satisfied with his collection of her work.
The two men then led her down the corridor, shooting anyone they saw along the way. Lesedi, terrified, only closed her eyes and followed as they ordered. There wasn’t much else to do. They pulled her up several flights of stairs and shoved her into a helicopter on the roof. The helicopter took to the sky as the two men in black fired at the door to the roof through which they had come. She barely noticed the tears streaming down her face as they sped off into the sky.
The men said nothing to her or to the pilot. They all simply focused on their jobs.

11,000 kilometers away a cell phone rang. The owner tapped a watch and answered the call. “We have her.” the other line said. “Good.”
Mpendulo hung up the phone and sat back into his chair. After all these years, everything was finally the way it should have been when this all started.

It bolted through the atmosphere and smashed into the ground. It then opened a hatch, releasing a small ten-legged creature made of metal. It spread a set of transparent wings, balanced itself, and took lift. It would accomplish its mission.




Mpendulo finally got Lesedi back! But what is the alien probe up to? Find out in part 8 coming soon! Thanks for reading!

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