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“Oh Piss off,” the boy said, “That’s an old lie my grandma always tells- there’s no such things as aliens! Stop scaring people!”

“No but it’s true! This Morbluganee person said Hello in African and then they stopped!”

“It’s a LIE!”

“Guys- shut up!” Their friend said as she pointed at the TV.

“Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the end to the Call Event. To this day no one knows exactly why the recordings stopped after Dr. Morulaganyi’s famous Answer. Let’s show a clip of that now.”

The screen cut to an image of an African woman surrounded by Chinese officials and characters standing in front of a microphone. She said a word that was strange to the kids watching- but a word they’d heard before: Dumelang. The video then cut back to the spokesperson, who was now joined by an old man.

“I am joined now by Dr. Mpendulo from the Lesedi institute in South Africa. Dr. Mpendulo thanks for joining me today.”
“My pleasure, Mr. Strombessi.”
“Now, I understand you played a major role in the science behind forming this message. Since this was so long ago, many of us don’t quite know the science behind Dr. Morulaganyi’s answer. As I’m sure you may know many have come to the conclusion that the Call event was just an elaborate hoax, do you have anything to say about that?”
“Yes, I have to say that if it were a hoax, as some claim, then it would have taken an enormous amount of money to create it. The information we received, which we broadcast live at the time, was formed by a technology we had never observed or used before in human history. It is safe to say that it would have been as impossible for a human to fake the Call event as it would have been for us to have faked the moon landing back in the 1960’s. The technology just wasn’t there yet.”
“Tell us more about the science that went into answering the Call.”
“Well Mr. Strombessi, I will admit that I am not the most affluent in scientific explanations as many may assume me to be- however I can give an explanation as I understood it. The message used a type of slipstream to get to Earth that gave off a false gravitational wave signature- which is why when we originally picked it up we assumed it was done with gravitational waves. Morulaganyi was the first to hypothesize that the gravitational waves were an illusion, and her calculations turned out to be correct. She even invented the machine that piggy-backed the wave forms- however it must be crude compared to what the aliens used.”
“My that gives me the chills. I want to talk a bit about Dr. Morulaganyi- My understanding is that she has for some reason gone into hiding. What exactly is it that she would be hiding from?”
“That is not true, unfortunately.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“Well, it is beyond my political bounds to discuss this, however we believe that Dr. Morulaganyi, while still alive, is at best under house arrest in China. At worst she is in a Chinese prison for what she did.”
“That is a substantial claim to make. What brings you to that conclusion?”
“It’s simple, Mr. Strombessi, she defied the Chinese enterprise. I’m sure had she done that here the American government would have done the same. She is, after all, safe- we know that much. The Chinese are not sure whether she is still of use. That said, in China the Call event never happened. Their elaborate cover up despite the evidence is likely the cause of the hoax-claims we hear so much today.”
“That is fascinating. Unfortunately that is all the time we have left. Thanks again Dr. Mpendulo for coming on with me today.”
“It was my pleasure.”
Strombessi turned away from him as the lights above his chair turned off. Mpendulo stood up, and walked away from the stage. Lesedi, he thought, we will find you.

In the dark room an alarm sounded. She reached over and turned it off before getting out of her bed. Her room came with a desk, a bookshelf, and even a toilet. All in one cramped Chinese cell. For twenty years she worked on creating scientific marvels for the government that wouldn’t acknowledge her existence. She turned on the light. Twenty years in solitary confinement, far away from anything.
She had lost everything and nothing. To her, she had gained so much with her simple act of defiance. She knew her choice had lost her the love of her life, but Africa was on the map now, and so little else mattered.
She sat at her desk and went over her previous calculations. Slipstream communication was a fascinating phenomena. She found that slipstream frequencies did not act like regular waves, but as a laser would move in a near perfect straight line. The difference she could see is that the frequencies were non-dissipating. Essentially, a large enough message could move from one end of the universe to the other without any dispersal of the message. The Chinese government surly made use of this new technology, but she kept some calculations as secret. Namely, the fact that the slipstreams could be weaponized. These calculations she wrote in Setswana in diary form. No one stopped her from that. A slipstream laser was as far as she knew beyond human capabilities, but it could destroy worlds if implemented. No one must know of this- no one but the UN council.

It drifted through space, silent, but directed. The target was the third Terrestrial planet, it would go there and make its presence known.



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