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Twenty Twenty- Seven

A triumph in life, he thought, is the gift we have as gods: to use our hearts and create life where there was none before. He thought about how her footsteps sounded on the grass. He thought about how the wind rustled the leaves. He looked up at the clouds; the heat of her little head reminding him that all is well, life is good.

“Have you ever noticed,” he said, “how beautiful they can be?”
“Pretty clouds!” She said, “Pretty!”
He smiled, “Yep, and sometimes they make funny shapes. Like that one! what does that look like to you?”
“A bunny!” She said.
“Yeah, kinda like a bunny, isn’t it?”
“And you know what else? No matter what happens in life, no matter how sad you feel or how bad things get, the sky will always be there- and every day it will show you something you’ve never seen before.

She was silent. He said too much about too little- but the sky meant so much to him, it had so much to offer, an eternal working beauty. For him life was a trail of infinite beauty. He had seen pain. He had suffered. But the pain of life charmed him. The negativity gave him strength- the fatigue gave him vitality.

He sniffed. “Hey, you smell that?”
“Eww,” she said, Papa Bear’s farts.”
“No, no not that- sniff again.”
She sniffed. Her face brightened, “Brownies!”
“Let’s go!”

They raced to the house, kicked off their shoes, and slid into the kitchen. A woman was taking the brownies out of the oven. She put them on the stove and leaned back.
“I see your noses are still working.” She said as the girl wrapped around her legs. He joined them with a smile. He held them close. So many sacrifices, so much done for love. He moved in and kissed his wife’s neck.
“Mama Moose?” He whispered, “Thank you for making the brownies.”

And as drones delivered packages under the geese life was still happy- still perfect for those who saw the things in life that are so easy to miss. And he, he was right where he wanted to be.


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