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The Viewing Dock

The body floated in the viewing dock. Death is a fate we accepted when we chose to go to Mars. But in one century of space travel, this was the first time. The smell of putrid rot and sweat challenged Lieutenant Murphy’s ability to hold in his dinner. The first to die in space.

There were hundreds of close calls, Apollo 13, SpaceX and its many moon landings- and Mars had its problems, the old Mars One idiots chief among them. But no one died in space; not like this.

The blood was everywhere; thankfully it hadn’t left the viewing dock- hand sealing doors. The face of the victim, who had a rod protruding from his neck, smiled the victory of being the first.

My god; how do we clean this up? Little blood bubbles floated around. Murphy and Sergeant King had to dodge them. This stuff will get into the damn walls and kill the power, Murphy thought.

“Ya think whoever did this is.. Well, you know..”


Murphy had not thought about that. The murderer was still on board; where else could they be? 23 million kilometers to go and someone is killing people.

Vacuums are not particularly good at cleaning up blood. They become flooded, clumpy, and the damned blood bubbles get everywhere. But what else could they do? Murphy had the body thrown off the ship, and the view port cleaned.

22 million kilometers to go and there’s a murderer on board.

The next body was found in a sleeping vent. It was a violent death, scratches and bruises everywhere. sex crimes in space. The cleanup was easier than before.

Later that day the body was put into the airlock, and released. Its eyes opened as it flew out into space. The body screamed, but no one heard, its lungs collapsed.

A witch-hunt began. The crew of thirty looked desperately for a murderer. They found the killer in their friends, their lovers, their officers.

When the ship crashed onto the Martian surface, no one on board survived. They all had died a month before, each one killed in a chain of deaths that all started with one suicide and a post coital nap.




This one was a fun idea i came up with while researching what death and murder in space would be like. I’m not versed in mystery novels, so don’t fault me for it. Anyway thank you for reading, be sure to check out my other stories

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