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“Dr. Lesedi Morulaganyi,

“Attatched you will find a plane ticket and hotel reservations. We look forward to seeing your work.


Lesedi sat back in her chair at the Molepolole Solar Farm. Despite her PhD, despite the century, women still did not belong in STEM. She was lucky to land even this maintenance job. At least someone in Africa saw her worth. She typed up her letter of resignation. Once it was printed she left it on the desk, gathered her belongings, and set off to teach humans how to talk to aliens.

Lesedi, however, was not the only one claiming ability to communicate with the voices. In the United States Gary E. Stevenson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, declared that the voices were a conversation between God and one of his apostles. God Spoke in the language of the original book of Mormon: Reformed Egyptian. Only President Stevenson had the ability to translate these messages through the power of God’s great gift to the apostles. God, he said, was discussing our fate with one of his great creations- we were to enter Zion soon.

The Vatican, a mere shadow of the power it once held, simply stated: “They are God’s creatures too.” By now, most Catholics found this satisfying enough.

The Evangelicals heard only the voices of Satan and his minions, they gathered weapons for the coming war of good and evil.

In most places a good deal fewer people went to churches. In most places a good deal more people prayed to gods for the first time in their lives. The facts depended on who told them.

Lesedi arrived at the airport shortly after leaving the solar farm. She gave the receptionist her phone with the ticket on screen. “Dumela mma Dr. Morulaganyi, good to see you’ve arrived, these gentlemen will escort you to your flight.” Four armed men appeared out from behind the desk. They wore the official seal of the Botswana Secret Guard. Lesedi only now realized how valuable her calculations were. “Thank you.” She said to the five of them, and gestured the guards to lead the way. Her sides boiled and her brow trickled with sweat. Was she a target?

The men didn’t speak. The led her down a hall, through some doors, down a hall, and through more doors. With each door she saw fewer people in the halls, with each door she feared for her life more. After she lost track of direction and long after she lost track of time, they arrived at a terminal marked with a red X; it led them into a private jet.

One of the guards gestured for her to take a seat while another dipped a straw into a glass, took it out, and let the water in the straw fall into his mouth. He then gave her the glass. She could trust them. The plane left the terminal and drove to the runway.

Four minutes later the plane was in the air. The glass she held shattered on the floor and spilled water everywhere. Lesedi and one of the guards were sound asleep, while the other three talked to the pilot in Mandarin.



What happens next for Lesedi? What’s going on in Europe? What will Mpendulo do now?  What the hell are those aliens talking about? Find out in the Call Part 4!

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