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The Problem (The Call part 2)

This is part two in a series, for part 1 click here

Mpendulo had heard the recordings thousands of times since that lecture. Despite his efforts, despite everyone’s efforts, the languages were indecipherable. With no visual to the audio the voices gave them no way of understanding what the words meant. Mpendulo did not let this stop him. He knew he would answer that call.

Not long after the lecture he gathered as many physicists and engineers as he could, and together they set to work on getting a message into that call.

“We’ve looked at it from a Quantum Mechanics perspective- thinking it might have an explanation for this. But the fact of the matter is, there is no way they’re doing this strictly at the quantum level.” Said one of his lead physicists.

They were gathered together at a table. He had relied on these people for four months now. They still came up dry.

“Why is that?” He asked.
“Well, you see, if they were using Quantum Methods then there would be no need to bounce the message off Earth. Actually we think we wouldn’t even get the messages in the first place, it would be instantaneous between their two worlds.”
“There is a slight delay in their responses.” Spoke another lead Physicist, “Like when you call someone from the other side of the planet. We think it’s subject to Relativity, but not any laws of Relativity that we know.”
“An interesting problem is,” Said an Astrophysicist at the table, “that they’re using gravitational wave frequencies that are usually a result of supernovae. How the hell are they creating that much energy?”
“What if the gravitational waves aren’t something they are using to create their message, but an accidental sort of background radiation as an effect of their real method of communication?” Mpendulo was meant with silence after he spoke.
“…You mean, we’re picking it up as gravitational waves but it’s really just another wave of some sort fudging our sensors?” Asked an engineer.
“Yes, something like that.” Mpendulo admitted.
“Then we’re back to square one.” Said the engineer.

200 miles away a woman sat down at her desk and opened her email. She typed in the date out of habit, 2058/12/07, and then wrote the following:

“Mr. Mpendulo. My name is Lesedi Morulaganyi, a physicist in Botswana. I am well aware of your issue regarding the voices, a friend of mine works in your lab and we have been discussing it for quite a while. I believe I have the solution you’re looking for. Attached is the first half of my calculations; that should be enough to convince you.


“Lesedi Morulaganyi, PhD”

Mpendulo was no real physicist, so when he read this he thought she was insane and ignored the email. He let it sit for three weeks, and when his team still had nothing, he forwarded the email to his lead Physicists.

The next day three of them came in with red, angry eyes. “Why did you not tell us about this sooner?” They asked.
“I didn’t think it was real.” He admitted.
“Buy this woman a plane ticket.” One demanded, “She has exactly the answer we’ve been looking for!”

That evening, he emailed an invite for Lesedi Morulaganyi to join him in South Africa, and listened to the aliens like they were music on the radio.


12018/9/9, 12018/9/11

Thank you for reading! Check out part 3 here


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[…] This story has been sitting on the back of my head for quite some time. Originally a book idea, I found I couldn’t wait to put pen to paper. If you feel robbed of an ending, good! That is my intent. This story will be a series of stories published under the tab “The Call.” Each of which I hope to be flash fiction length. Read part 2 here! […]

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