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Stampede on Taphao Kae

He ran like hell. With their speed he knew there was little chance to make it. It didn’t matter to them that had they been the prey his sweat glans would allow him to chase them to exhaustion. They couldn’t know such things. Earth was light years away, humans didn’t evolve here. All that mattered to them was the sprint. Each one of ten pushed off six powerful legs towards him. Inching closer they stamped down after their prey. He shrieked and still sprinted, heels slamming hard on stiff alien ground. They were gaining on him.

He thought this would be fun. Be an Astrobiologist he thought; Travel the stars see wonderful life! He found none of this wonderful. Death brings no joy; ten creatures chasing you brings even less.

He nearly doubled over when he saw the ship just passed the hill. I can make it, he gasped, I can make it, I can make it I can make it!

They slammed their claws on the ground behind him. He could almost feel their putrid breath, their nubby claws, their toothless gums. He screamed as adrenaline pumped him into a high. His body took absolute control, it felt like magic. The world seemed to bend around him while his legs did all the work.

He was almost at the ship when silence fell behind him. One of the creatures leaped, the others followed suit. He panicked and fell under their weight. Smothered, he screamed, cried for his mother, begged, pleaded to gods he never believed in. They were on him and ending his life, tasting him with their nasty green tongues. Terror gave way to the hell of reality. He would surly die, and no one would help him.

“Dr. Shults, what are you doing?”

“Well, as you can see Dr. Mulligan, I am being eaten to death by alien carnivores.”

“Looks more like being attacked by a pack of ferocious alien puppies.”

“Oh… They are quite small aren’t they?” he asked, plucking one of the six legged cuties from his person, “They look bigger when they’re chasing you, ya know, almost deadly in fact.”



This was just a cute munchie I came up with as a one page short. Don’t expect much from it, I just hope you liked it. I took the image from this In the future I hope to ad my own images or have other artists submit if they like. Truth is I don’t feel comfortable using the internet’s supply.


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